Monday, September 23, 2013

Paddle Boarding

Just to clear up some mixed information recently.

Capital Paddlers is made up of the following people Brodie McGregor, Stu Hiddleston, Rob Collins and Hans Wannemacher.

In New Zealand we call it SUP or stand up paddle boarding..... in other Countries they call it paddle boarding...............personally I think the boards used in Surf Life Saving were called paddle boards. Mind you we call a sport soccer when it's football many different names for activities..............don't you hate it when the public tells you it's not this, it's that? Words confuse things maybe we should just let the pictures tell the story :-)

Roll on the summer with activities or events.... also get out there and brush up your photography skills, as images give a great display of what we've all been up to more than the words do sometimes. 

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