Monday, March 5, 2012

Surf ski demo day March 6

Tomorrow we'll be hosting our 5th demo night in Wellington. We started running these about 6 years ago and during this period we've seen an increased number of surf skis out on the water in Wellington. Our City, with it's copious quantities of wind, is made for surf skis as you can get them out in all weathers. One of the main benefits you get on a surf ski compared to a kayak is that you can actually steer them much better in rough conditions due to the fact that the rudder is under the hull about 700 mm from the stern. What this means is that when you ride down a swell your rudder is still engaged in the water..............with a kayak you loose most of your steering as the rudder ends up being out of the water when you need it the most.
This year we have Olympic kayak Legend Ian Ferguson back with us to run the demo night, we last had him here back in 2009 for our demo and Twilight race. It was a great night with 45 paddlers taking to the water for the race that evening.
Though the demo night has been planned at quite short notice we've advertised it through to Sportzhub, Kupe Canoe Club and Mana Kayak Racing Club and our own website Welly Paddlers and also both the Welly Paddlers and Wellington Multisport e-mailing lists................if you haven't seen anything ask the people just mentioned why nothing has been sent out.

The products available at the demo are as follows.
Think Kayaks, Uno and Evo II
Epic Kayaks, V12 and Epic V10 sport
as well as a range of Epic and Legend paddles.

For further info: chester dot burt at gmail dot com or phone 022 6455820

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