Friday, March 2, 2012

Calm before the storm

It's Friday and tomorrow theres are some big winds about to blow through, triple digit winds maybe up to 140 kmh in some areas, it's that bad even the NZ Ironman is being postponed and they'll run a shortened 1/2 Ironman course on the Sunday.

Anyhow today I had a tiny 15kmh North Westerly, so just a few tiddly waves out there, though better than paddling on a millpond harbour. No car today so I was fractically putting constructing my portaging wheels for my ski to get down to the water. My first portage was about 12 minutes, and this was from Darlington Road to Worser Bay, the wheels held on well so it's first test was successful. I headed North along the Seatoun Bays and around Point Halswell, headed across the top of Evans Bay and headed along Oriental Parade to Freyberg Beach.
I did a lap around a 2 km course for Tere Kiriau, I heard through Cousin Chris the other day, that a group of his mates were doing 48 laps around a course in his memory (1 lap for every year of his short life) Earlier in the day I saw a few W1 and W6 craft paddling the course around Oriental Bay and they had a well set up base at Freyberg Beach consisting of a tent and flags it really looked the part.
View the info below, it's a fantastic way for people to help out/remember a good mate.

Once I'd completed the Oriental Parade section it was back down Evans Bay with a small downwind swell to finish up at Miramar Wharf and that completed a good 70 minute paddle, not finished yet a 17 minute Portage via Aranui St, back to Darlington Road again and I'm done for the day.

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