Monday, February 13, 2012

Shelly Bay Coastline

When you store your ski at home you have the ability to quickly load your gear in and on the car and go where ever you choose. For me the closest and coolest launching spot for me is at Shelley Bay about 3 km from home. Today (Monday) we had a nice warm south westerly blowing at around 20 to 30 kmh. I headed South to the Miramar Wharf and along the Cobham Drive Coastline around the boats to Greta Point then back to Shelley Bay for a quick 50 minute outing.

The course I paddled is reasonably shallow and sheltered in many spots so there was a lot more resistance and it's a harder paddle. It helps to grind it out on days like to day to prepare the body for the Summer Twilight race tomorrow night, the shallow waters, sheltered and tight course.

Another Great day to be out on the water!

I've just had some pics come through from Jan Kees down in Christchurch. Last Season he had a prototype Hadron surf ski and this Season he's adjusted his thinking and looked at a surf ski based on his Magnetar multsiport kayak.

Here's some of his latest snaps of the ski weighing in at 12 kg! Further info

Click on the photos to enlarge

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