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The 29th Annual Foxton Loop Race

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The new date for 2022 is Sunday August 14.

This date provides us with a super high tide Spring at midday and of course a 12 noon start.

The rational for the change can be viewed on both the WELLY PADDLERS and the WELLY PADDLERS GROUP Facebook pages. Refer to the posts made on 18/8/21 at 8.30 am

The Foxton Loop Race is now in it's 29th year. 

Apart from a 2 year break when the Event was not held at all, the consistency of the Event being held on the highest Spring tide possible remains the same, with the Event being consistently organised on the third weekend of August over the last 3 years.

The very first Organisers of the Foxton Loop Race were the late Mike Rowley (Ruahine Kayaks) and Max Grant (Q-Kayaks) ably assisted by fellow Ruahine White Water Club members , who all dedicated themselves to the Event for it's first 26 years.

Since Welly Paddlers took up Organising the Event three years ago, we have managed to attract 47 paddlers along the first year in 2019 and 69 paddlers along in 2020. The 2020 Event was quite a tricky one, where the Event was held under NZ Government Covid Level 2 restrictions and we had to be mindful of not over advertising due to the fact that we needed to keep our numbers under 100 people.

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This year the flood gates may well open as far as entries go, however we are mindful that we could just as easily fall under Covid Alert Level restrictions again.

There is a good reason that we personally manage the entries. We can have so much more personal contact with everyone and at the same time manage the numbers if we are required too.

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                    Long course above : Head around the first island you come to and turn left between the first island and the second island  ( it is 1 km from the loop entrance to the first island)  

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Short course above : 1 lap or 2 laps

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 Above is the Event venue marked as (Aqua cross hatch) the yellow flag and yellow buoy denotes the start for all courses and the turn buoy at the 3 km mark for the 6 km short course.
If you are doing the 3 km short course, keep going straight past this buoy on the homeward leg directly to the finish

The red flag denotes the Welly Paddlers flag at the finish and the red spot denotes the pink buoy at the finish

The yellow course turns are both yellow buoys and you will note the direction of the turns is from right to left the buoys always being on your left hand side when turning

NOTE : The blue lines indicates the area of the river loop that was widened in late 2020

Here's Sharlene (above)......spelt with an "S"......and ending in "ene" Sharlene provides the gel that keeps these Events running on the day.
When you see Sharlene (in the high viz top)......along with the Welly Paddlers Flag....and the pink know you are at the finish !


The 29th annual Foxton Loop Race - Sunday August 22

Te Awahou River Loop Reserve, Harbour Street, Foxton

Entries only accepted by email with payment by online banking to the following :


- Welly Paddlers Kiwibank - 389016 0568806 02

- Any questions about entries email us or phone Chester 022 6455 820

NOTE : ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY AUGUST 20 AT 7 PM - that includes the entry being paid by 7 pm as well :-)

Please use your "Surname" or "Team name" in one of the "reference boxes" when making your online banking payment.


When entering by email please give us the following detail.

1.Your name or Team name 

2. Your cellphone number

3. Type of craft..... K1, W1, VI (rudderless) W6, K2, W2, multisport kayak, adventure racing double, surf ski, sea kayak, double surf ski, double kayak, sea kayak, surf canoe, SUP or prone paddle board etc.etc

4. Are you entering the 3km / 6km / 12 km / 12 km recreational

5. Female / Male / Mixed

6. Classifications : Under 14 - Under 16 - Under 19 - Senior - Masters - Senior Masters - Grand Master 

check your classification here :

7. Town / City

Entry Fess :

Long courses :

$30 singles

$40 doubles

$50 surf canoes

$60 W6's

$120 W12

Long course : under 19 and over 60 and on a single take 50% off the above

Short courses :

$15 singles


Description of courses

12 km long course - From the start head north out the wide section of the loop, turn left at the Manawatu River convergence, paddle approx 1 km then turn anti clockwise (from right to left) around the first island then follow the same route back to the finish.

6km short course - 2 x laps from the start head North out and back on the wide section of the loop

3 km short course - 1 x lap from the start head North out and back on the wide section of the loop


Here are our Event run times :

Registration from 8.30 am - 9.40 am

Event briefing 9.45 am

10.05 am 12 km recreational start

10.15 am 12 km W 12, W6 and surf canoe start

10.17 am 12 km W1 and W2

10.19 am 12 km single and double kayakers

10.22 am 3 km and 6 km start (All craft start together) 

The Event is open to all paddle craft (sorry no rowing craft)


All paddlers must wear a PFD, all kayaks must use spray skirts, all ocean racing skis must wear a leg leash, all waka ama must carry a bailer/s (unless on a sit on top waka)

Every paddler needs to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and make good decisions in what they do on the water, and what clothing they choose to they wear on the day. Every paddler and crew, if they capsize, must be able to self rescue themselves by remounting their craft or by swimming to the shore quickly emptying out and continuing through to the finish. It must be emphasized that it's all about being prepared and to practice, practice, practice to keep your skillsets up. Please do not expect to come along and to "wing it on the day" this approach is likely to leave you ill prepared and places unnecessary risk on yourself.

Welly Paddlers - Covid scanning posters are at registration. Please Scan in with your phone in front of the registration team.

Every Paddler must check into registration when they arrive.  

PLEASE NOTE : The Event will run under Covid 19 Level 2 alert. If that is the case at the time the first 100 entries will be capped. so be mindful that it will be a case of first in best dressed.

If this is the case we will likely reach the limit 100 person limit 1 week prior to entry close off.

These are our events numbers and this is the left side front area that you place them

*** We recycle***

If you have an existing Welly Paddlers event number from the previous "Foxton Loop Race" or "The Motorway Classic" please let us know this Event number when you enter and we will check this off against our master list of numbers. 

If you sell your craft the number peels off easily and is able to placed on your new craft.

There will be 3 x Event updates on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page on the Monday Wednesday, Friday and then Saturday at 10 am in the days leading up to the Event.....these posts will show weather and tide details and any course changes.

 2 x Manawatu Coastguard jet skis will monitor the long course while 2 x Ruahine White Water Club sea kayakers will monitor the short course. We use Marine Channel VHF 60 for the Event.

Our Emergency contact number on the day is 027 4581 005

                     Click on any of the photos below to enlarge

Boat ramp Event Venue location
Looking to the left of the boat ramp
Looking to the right of the boat ramp

Please note the photos below...... 
Below is the brand new wider start area that has been redeveloped on the Te Awahou River Loop Reserve.
At this point we will place 1 x yellow buoy for the start.....which will also serve as the turn for lap two of the (6 km) short course
NOTE : The finish for all courses is back at the boat ramp.

The start is directly opposite Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom pictured above 

The start in front of Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom

Looking at all the photos taken on Saturday August 7.....yes the redevelopment is still quite fresh and the ground is soft......mud through, under and over shoes could be an issue....soooo......gum boots (Wellies) are highly recommended.
The nearest Toilets to the event are pictured below. This is a 400 metre walk from the Registration Area

The red hatched area below is a no parking area.....we need this as a safe clear pathway for craft to enter and exit the boat ramp. It is also a public boat ramp and needs to remain clear at all times.
The Blue Square is the Registration Area
The White circle with the cross is where the briefing and spot prizegiving will take place

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