Sunday, April 14, 2013

Motorway Classic 2013 results

The 23rd Annual Motorway Classic just keeps going from strength to strength every year, this year 68 paddlers in 49 craft took to the water.

We like to run the Motorway Classic on a high tide. This year as with most years we are very respectful of other key events around the Country and this year we had to compromise slightly with the event run two hours after the high tide mark.

Ideally a high tide at 10 am is what we are after, so next year we'll stick to this script and it may clash with a major event..........but we must look after our own, and grow this event to put paddle events on the map.

A big thanks to everyone who travelled a distance to get here Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Kapiti and Horowhenua Peoples and also all the locals who showed their support. Thanks to Dave Annear, Fergs Kayaks, Dave McPhee at Wild Winds and Chester for throwing in a few extra spot prizes and also "Team Fanatic" for blinging up the event with banners and "the corporate tent". Also Sharlene and Alliyah Clarke for keeping things running smoothly on the day.

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3.3km SUP

26:55 Chaz Quin 12.6
30:06 Pare Puti Puti Nuku 12.6 (junior girl)
33:11 Frank Letoa 12.6

6.6 km SUP                   

48:02 Tim Haxell 14ft        
48:14 Howie Clarke 14ft    
51:06 Mike Nuku 12.6        
51:29 John Toomath 12.6
51:57 Troy Hohaia 14
52:35 Nick Kapica 12.6
53:29 Karl Le Quesne 12.6
53:54 James Court 12.6
55:23 Tio Leota 12.6
55:58 Roni Nuku 16ft (women)
58:51 Chris Mark 14ft
60:17 Brodie MacGregor 14ft
60:31 Hans Wannemacher 12.6
61:44 Woody Bates 14ft
62:26 Katie Townsend 12.6 (women)
62:57 Travis Peggs 10.6
80:23 Ilka Kapica 10.6 (women)

MK multisport kayak
SS surf ski
W6 wama ama 6 person
W1 waka ama single
SK sea kayak

13km Long Course

1:07:24 James Coubrough MK
00.00 Sharon Henderson MK (withdrew)
1:10:21 Dave Rudge/Jerry Sheppard MK double
1:14:54 Mike Tate SS
1:15:40 Hikoikoi Wahine Toa W6 (women)
1:16:07 Heather Kirkham/Dan Pringle MK double
1:16:29 Paddle Pops W6
1:17:09 Les Morris MK
1:17:27 Andrew Carey K1
1:17:53 Joern Scherzer W1
1:19:48 Team Moutere W6 (women)
1:19:54 Dave Ryde SS
1:19:57 Dave Dellabarca MK
1:19:58 Eric Barber MK
1:22:29 Paddy Ulrich MK
1:23:02 Glen Warner/Liam Drew MK double
1:23:52 Iain Gillies SS
1:25:30 Jonathon Alsop SS
1:25:32 John Taylor SS
1:27:17 Fiona Dowling MK
1:27:39 Bernice Cavanagh/Mark Hearfield MK double
1:27:57 Piki Emery W1
1:28:11 Karl Timu W1
1:29:51 Steve Toole MK
1:31:04 Sam Notman SK
1:31:43 Pete Notman MK
1:41:29 Mark Brown W1
1:45:50 Graham Daniel SS
1:52:25 Alana Joe W1 (women)


  1. Thanks Chester for organising a fun race!

  2. Great event! Thanks again :-)