Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Welly Paddlers Event Rules

Event Rules
  • PFD's must be worn
  • These events are only open to the following craft, that must all carry the following equipment

Waka Ama single and doubles - a bailer, if sprayskirt type cockpit
Surf skis single and doubles - a leg leash
Sea kayak single and doubles - a paddle float and hand pump per person
Adventure racing doubles - a paddle float and hand pump person
Carry a cellphone in a waterproof bag - emergency number 0274 581 005
  • Respect other paddlers
  • Respect other paddlers craft
  • Respect your clubs craft and equipment
  • Respect everyone's right to have space
  • It's not the Olympics it's far easier to back off in a tight situation, then pass in another 300 metres when in more open water
1. Starts
  • Where there is a mass start with multiple craft, position the less experienced close to the shoreline or on the second or third row of the start is fine to draft or wash hang off the start.
  • W1’s to be positioned wider on the start then also 2 or 3 rows back.

2. Overtaking
  • The craft coming from behind has all the forward vision they must adjust their line to avoid collision as would happen in any other sport or racing in a pack situation - Basically if a craft moves out in front of us, we must also adjust our line and give more space.
  • While our boat speed may be higher than the craft in front we must allow sufficient space for any paddlers in front of us before we undertake a passing manoeuvre in a “tight situation”.
  • The fall back in a narrow passing space is to choose the sensible option, don’t barge into a space that isn’t there, pass in a more sensible space of open water a further distance down the course.
  • It’s all about sensible craft positioning whether that be on the start line or steering decisions to be made approaching on the left or right of any craft further down the course...basically calculating the best option or positioning.

3. Turns
  • Everyone should be smart around the turning buoys, or any turning point, if there are three craft in a wash hanging pack, it is only sensible that everyone gives each craft plenty of space for the inside craft to keep the speed of the pack continuously high.
  • If the front people continually want to cut the inside person off at the buoy this counter acts lead shares, and slows the pack down and allows following paddlers to catch up while those in front take a cut off / crash and bash approach.....this method can be counter productive and not advised unless you love directing conflict to many who hate that style of paddling.
  • Exercise patience and respect if you are approaching a slower craft at a buoy turn.....go around the outside of them don’t cut them off or push their craft out of the way using your paddle!....this is not within the intended spirit of our events. There is no need to come in hard and fast at a  turn just to cut someone else off, that’s bad sportsperson ship and we don’t encourage or tolerate that style or approach at our events.

4. Disputes
  • Any altercations between craft will be directed to the Event Organiser.
  • The Event Organiser will review what occurred and make a ruling in regards to errors of judgement and will consult and make a judgement on party or parties at fault. The Event Organiser will correct and educate the correct paddling angles according to common practice on the waterways and at Welly Paddlers Events.
  • All collisions on the water the Harbour Master must be notified
  • Any complaints must be emailed within 24 hours of the event to:
  • Any Ruling from the Race Director will be made with 72 hours and e-mailed to all parties.
  • We expect that Decisions we make will be followed and adhered to, they are intended to be made in Good Faith and intended for the betterment of all the Paddling Sports.
  • Anyone can contact the Event Organiser to discuss any matter on 04 976 1795 or 022 6455 820.
  • The Event Organiser will take a Neutral approach to all discussions and make the same firm decision that any Racing Committee, Justice of the Peace or Judge will make, based on the actual event or collision and evidence particularly those from eye witness accounts and those deemed as a neutral party.
Please also Note : There will be no safety or rescue craft on the water at our events, as all craft must be capable of self rescue - NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Event Organiser will set a safe sensible course on the day -
though we advise any novices not to take part in our events especially
if there is a lack of practice, training, skill or experience on their part that
compromises themselves, or other paddlers.
All Paddlers must be aware that where they are paddling are governed bylaws from the local Harbour Master who is employed through a Regional Council.

From May 12 every paddler who enters our events must sign into our event at this sign in point the event rules will be displayed Event rules and conditions of entry will again be displayed and each paddler will need to sign in at Registration at our Events, the same as if you were a visitor at someone’s workplace.

Rules Updated : 16/8/18

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