Friday, October 23, 2015

Twilight Series and River paddling

Twilight Series

Kupe Canoe Club will be running a Twilight Kayak race series on Tuesday evenings again this summer, in a simpler form than in previous years.

  • First race October 27 and likely to run until Coast to Coast race
  • PFD's mandatory. Race safely and help anyone in trouble
  • Race start 6.30 for the first group from Hataitai Beach in most conditions up to 25 knots.
  • Cancellations on the Kupe Canoe Club Facebook page
  • No gaurantee that races will be timed or results published, so serious racers are encouraged to self time
  • Handicap race with self selected start groups setting off at 3 minute intervals, fastest group last
  • Typically course will be 6 km to 7 km selected to suit conditions
  • No race fee
Particular hazards
Give way to sailors on novice courses run from Evans Bay Yacht and Motorboat Club and give swimmers and fishermen plenty of room

Sandy Winterton
Kupe Canoe Club


River Paddling

Shane Ross is looking to run a few trips down the Hutt River on Thursday evenings...and also Rangitikei River in the weekends in November  & December

To find out more just ask Shane Ross via his Facebook page   

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