Sunday, September 13, 2015

Times and report from today's event

Massive turnout for the last Event of the "Cold Kiwi Series" held from Dolly Vardon Park at Mana today.

With so many craft it requires a lot of patience from all paddlers to give everyone space at Events like these, so thank you for giving your paddling mates plenty of space at the start, the turns and some of the pinch points around the course.

For those not at the event today the course start /finish buoy was 20 metres east of the Mana Road bridge with the course heading through the deep water channels around Moorhouse Point then around the Welly Paddlers buoy in Browns Bay then back to the start /finish buoy

The short course was 1 lap and the long course was two laps.

The event started with a light breeze and flat conditions until the start when the waters churned up and craft fired off a nice wide start line. In the first 1 km of the event there was a bit of ripply water around the Browns Bay side then once lap two came along the breeze picked up to around 30 -35 kmh South Westerly producing a few more lumps and bumps.

Huge thanks again all the work Sharlene does on the day keeping up with all the craft, and peoples names it's no easy task. Thanks also to Kate Booth for working in well with Sharlene recording everyone finish and Kim Wineti for her support and finally to Dan Pringle for taking over camera duties as the event progressed.

Finally we really appreciate the support that Dave Annear and the Team at Fergs Kayaks Wellington give us in regards to juggling all the spot prizes around throughout the Series.

Remember go into Fergs Kayaks for all your Adrenalin 2P Thermal Clothing and if your after a great price on a new light weight high viz Buoyancy Vest.... the Think Kayak vest that we gave away today is down from $185 to $145.

For more photos go to the Welly Paddlers Facebook page they should be loaded on there in the next hour or so click on the link here

Just added 6.25pm Sunday :

Keep an eye out for a video of today's Event from David McKnight with cameras on his and on Rueben Hill on their surf skis.

The drone you saw above the start was from Grant Sheehan who's putting together a book "Eye in the sky - A drone above New Zealand" we hope to get some shots from Grant at some stage.

Times from today.

Short course 3.75 km

21:51 Brian Grace SS
22:28 Janine & Rob Futter double SS
24:14 Nathan McEldowney MK
29:35 Liz Ruatoto W1
37:05 Traci Linders SUP
38:29 Stuart White SUP

Long course 7.5km

38:56 Glen Muirhead MK
42:36 Otaki Junior boys W6
40:37 Andrew Carey SS
40:48 Danial Bremner SS
41:14 Matt Archer K1
41:52 Dave Dellbarca MK
41:59 Derek Cox MK
42:19 Les Morris MK
43:14 David McKnight SS
44:10 Hikoikoi mixed team W6
44:27 Pa Taikato W1
44:31 Lawrence Hynes W1
44:36 John Toomath SS
44:45 Jeff Booth SS
44:51 Rueben Hill SS
44:55 Colin Crampton SS
45:04 Karl Timu SS
45:14 Barton Fletcher SS
45:23 CSW Masterton mixed team W6
46:10 Sandy Winterton SK
46:11 Mariana Hodges W1
46:16 Raewyn Anderson / Neil O' Brien W2
48:15 Peter Sutton MK
48:27 Otaki Junior girls W6
48:29 James Sadler W1
48:45 Rodney Collier W1
48:55 Sharon Henderson SS
49:52 Clark Townsley SS
49:53 Piki Emery W1
50:11 Pete Notman MK
50:24 Tony Gibbs MK
50:30 Ducati Walford-Collier junior W1
50:30 Cail Terry junior W1
52:14 Trevor MacDonald SK
53:03 Matt Penney MK
53:34 Dave Chandler MK
53:45 Dave Rutter SK
53:49 Paula Napier W1
53:56 Donna Collier W1
56:37 Karl LeQuesne SUP
57:07 Stu Hiddleston SUP
57:29 Lei Faletolu W1
58:28 Brodie Macgregor SUP
58:58 Ann Bondy W1
63:15 Ray Barker-Underhill W1
68:17 Phil Weeks SUP
72:08 Amanda Rota W1
78:23 Puawai Swindells W1

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