Monday, August 17, 2015

Cold Kiwi Event FIVE this Sunday

Three weeks rolls around really quickly as does the worst of those winter cold snaps of single digit temperatures.

As per the plan Event FIVE will be in the Hutt City area again and we'll more than likely hold the event at the Giant Oars on the Petone Esplanade as we did for Event TWO

The forecast, if it holds true should see us with a good patch of fine weather with 12 degrees C and winds of 40 kmh NNW which is just above a breeze for Wellington !

High tide is at 11.11 am so some extra depth along the foreshore is always handy

Again the long course will be just over the 7 km mark and the short course at around 4 km.

PFD's must be worn by all paddlers at these events 

Spot Prizes : We will again have around 3 items of Adrenalin 2P thermal clothing drawn out at the briefing....I thought it would be best to spread some of the winter gear to all areas that we hold these events at, (especially as it's handy on some of these really cold days) and there are always a few that aren't able to make the Grand Spot Prize draw at last event on September 13....which is where we've traditionally dished out all the spot prizes in the past.

By the end of the Series we will have given away around $1500 - $2500 in spot prizes which we've sourced through Fergs Kayaks.....and we'd like to thank Dave Annear for allowing us to take multiple sizes of gear so every one walks away with the perfect fit and some good quality prizes !

We'll post another update on Wednesday and announce the final venue and likely courses by 10 am this Saturday morning.

Here's a few pics from Event TWO at Petone.

click on any photo to enlarge

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