Monday, July 6, 2015

Event THREE lead up info

For Event THREE this Sunday July 12 we're going to base the event from Dolly Vardon Park by the Mana bridge.

We have some re balancing to do in regards to the Series so it's timely to re visit the Porirua City Area again.

The high tide is at 6.54 am so we'll have some deeper water to paddle in for starters and the long range forecast is  for a 30 kmh - 40 kmh North Easterly.

PFD's and Event Rules are our two main items we'll be focusing on at this event. PFD's must be worn by all paddlers the Harbour Masters Office has expressed concerns in this area.
From recent experiences travelling around the Country every other event I've been to, the Event Organisers have tightened up in this area also.

We must all get in step.....we don't have motorised craft patrolling the course even though the courses are close to shorelines....your safety, at our Event, is paramount.....Everyone to wear a PFD.....end of story. Compliance is a requirement of entry.

Events Rules....we have them at registration, every paddler must read them and fully understand them.....if you don't understand them please address your concerns at the briefing.

Spot prize draws : At every event we'll draw out 3 or 4 spot Dolly Vardon we'll have a  PFD as a spot prize...and some extra spot prizes to reward the good turn outs at Porirua. Remember the majority of spot prizes will be at the last event on September 13

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