Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CKS update two

The wind forecast is always the key area to look at for all our winter events and we're tracking on a 50 kmh to 70 kmh North Westerly which is likely to moderate by the time Sunday comes along.

Hataitai Beach is really one of our rock solid venues to host as we have a great mix of easy down wind, through to shelter close to the shoreline when heading back upwind....and a course that can be easily run within the sheltered confines of Greta Point.

We've run a couple of split courses here in the past with a SUP course splitting off the side some more to gain more extra shelter upwind then on the turn the waves coming back down wind.....for everyone else it much's easier to dodge any upwind puffs when you're sitting down.

Key Points of the Series :

  • Every paddler must read the Cold Kiwi Series event flyer
  • Event rules to be read at Registration by all paddlers
  • PFD's must be worn by all exceptions.
  • leg leashes, bailers, spray decks and other appropriate equipment for your craft / sporting code must be used
  • respect and look after your paddling mates on the water
  • dress appropriately for the colder conditions
Well post a final venue and weather announcement by 9.45 am this Saturday.

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