Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Get Equipped for winter

Here's something really interesting for everyone. There are many out there who have balked at buying a PFD over the years.....but now we're getting to the thin end of the wedge with the now it's time to buy a proper one.

As Event Organisers here are some key points we'd like people to take into account this winter.


  • Visibility : High viz please ! are much easier to spot in poor light and darkness, whether you are training or taking part in an event.......and Orange is the best high viz colour available.
  • But PFD's are too restrictive....only if you buy a heavy one and then go and put a drink system in the back of it !!!
  • Drink systems are best in the lowest part of your craft... keep the upper body free and lighten your load.
  • The PFD below is one of the lightest, durable and less restrictive on the market.

You'll see a water proof pouch attached to the PFD here...this model has plenty of room for the cellphone and car / van key

Would you like to get good bang for your buck ?

Fergs Kayaks have these Think Kayak PFD's in stock now and they are down to $185......bite the bullet and buy one you'll have it for many years to come.


  • Stay warm on the water..... it's winter...the boss doesn't want you turning up to work with a cold and sharing the lurgy with your workmates
  • one item of high viz or bright clothing while paddling... two is even better......fluoro caps are easy to spot and may stop a motorboat from running you over !
  • Be safe be seen

This fluoro cap is great for people who is light and comfortable......Cost $25. 

There's heaps of warm thermal clothing you can buy....some of it's bloody expensive and in shady and damp areas it's slow to dry.

My suggestion is to buy Adrenalin 2P thermals...when you've over spent buying your craft and need some financial reprieve.  
The long thermal tops are $70....and the long pants are $49 at Fergs Kayaks

By all means by black pants....because they only come in black.......but when it comes to tops.......go for green they are easy to or yellow are also a good alternative

This Sharkskin top is my go to top in summer and moderately cool weather. Terry Newsome gave it to me as a spot prize at the Ocean Canoe Showdown in 2012....I love this top and Sharlene can spot me from a mile away when I'm wearing it. Cost approx $130

A leg leash definite must have on a surf ski and also a stand up paddle board. Cost $60

A hand held flare is a requirement for a number of ocean events nowadays and also for long distance paddling around our busy harbours and coastlines. Cost $30

A whistle.....shouting is near ineffective especially when you're tired or out of smarter not harder.....carry a whistle. Cost $5

A red light navigation light for the left shoulder of your PFD...denotes a starboard light......a white headlamp or white light on your head is another option that will give you visibility to other water users at night. Cost $30

Travel flag on the back of your kayak, surf ski or waka ama is a must.....not only will it save you a ticket from the might avoid a bus or truck smashing the tail off your craft through lack of vision......flags that hang down well are also handy when you are back...they are easy to see and help you judge distance. Cost $10 - $25

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