Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tim Taylor World record (unofficially)

On Friday Tim Taylor paddling a Think Evo II surf ski broke a World record that's stood since 1986. The record still has to be ratified by the Guinness Book of World it's unofficial at this point.

The record Tim set his sights on is the 24 hour record kayak on the ocean.....there are also records for rivers and lakes for the same duration.

The 1986 record was 191.4 km.....and Tim broke that record with 3 hours 25 minutes to go.....and as time ran down his pace, not suprisingly dropped off....once he got to the 23 hour mark he was stuffed....and exited the water with 214 km under his belt.

Over the next few weeks all the documentation will be presented and we hope Tim gets the big tick and obviously the certificate of achievement from "The Guinness Book of Records".

Read Steve Knowles, from Sportzhub, time line article here :

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Tim has a range of sponsors.....and here they are...

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