Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Challenging day @ Tai Tonga 41

It may have looked quite achievable today in the Northerly 35 kmh - gusting to 70 kmh...but by the end of the day it became quite an achievement to even be out on the water.

While the original courses were scrapped the alternate course on Event one started off challenging on lap one but ended up being shortened half way through lap two as the backwash off the seawall at Snapper Point in Evans Bay meant.... fortune favoured the brave.

All credit to PCKC ladies W6 crew and Dave McKnight on his Uno Max surf ski who punched through lap two and reaped the rewards of first placings. For everyone else a shortened second lap got the rest of the field home. In the W1 Mens Paddy Rimene & Laurence Hynds came in quite close together with Turi Hodges in his typical selfless style assisted another paddler who got it a bit of strife and still came home in 3rd.

The rest of the days racing used a more user friendly circuit inside Greta Point and down to the bottom of Evans Bay not totally sheltered by much kinder for all and still with the best winds swells on the course.

Every event has it's mini dramas but when all hands are on deck assistance is never too far away.....full credit to Evans Bay Yacht and Motorboat Club for their boats on the water doing some amazing work under difficult circumstances. It is difficult to plan for every little mishap but when people react well, communicate and get stuck in and work as a Team amazing things do happen.

A big day amongst great company and a big feed at the end went down a treat....thank you Tai Tonga 41 Club for hosting the event and to all paddlers who just got there and supported it well yet again.
We look forward to the next big Hoe Tonga gathering which is Matariki on June 27 which is hosted by Hikoikoi Waka Ama Club

Here's a few photos from Sharlene we'll have more on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page Sharlene screeds through 1200 photos !

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