Friday, March 6, 2015

The Motorway Classic.....the bear bones

A few recces are required to scan the area and see what changes there are prior to the event.

Here are a few snap shots of the Registration area which is on the deck of the Wellington Waterski Club.

Immediately in front of the Club the grassy area with the small mound is where everyone will gather for the event briefing which will take place at 9.45 am sharp.

Please use the grass area to at the Northern end of the decking (Petone side) as a staging area to rig your waka ama and park your kayaks surf skis and SUP boards there's plenty of space and it's also pretty well sheltered, but park your craft nose into the wind if it's breezy there.

Toilet Facilities.....just as you turn off The Esplanade into Honiana Te Puni the left there is a carpark....there are toilets's actually 500 metres from the start.

If you are a coffee drinker.... The Flying Bean Coffee cart is on The Esplanade opposite Beach Street.....there's also a toilet block 50 metres from this location.

It's only 8 days to go now......don't forget you can enter early we'll send your bank payment details.....and you can also ask for your favourite number........from 1 - 150.....a number of them have gone especially many above 17...though a few single digits are still left.

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