Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some more pics from "2015 Motorway Classic"

Here's a second string of photos....there is one more set to come that were taken by Deepthi Karunarathne we will have a link to view them in the next few days.......there are a heap of them from in front of the start.... which we are really looking forward to viewing.

NOTE : The Kupe Canoe Club Series event for tonight is cancelled......their last event for the Series will be next Tuesday March 24 with Pizza and beer.....we'll be there for sure !

Welly Paddlers will pick up the very last Tuesday before Day light savings ends because I have a feeling the weather Gods are going to put on a stunner that night......it'll be called...."Just one more" 

Also Fergs Kayaks have a sale on.....must be stock taking time !

Adrenalin thermals are on special......and there's 20% off Sharkskin thermals as well........and discounts off most other things there more than likely.

Pop in and see John and Dave there.... and ask what they are up to and where the best deals are.

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