Sunday, February 15, 2015

Matiu Island transfer Hutt River

Thanks to everyone for being patient with our change of course today.

Two days of wintery weather in the peak of our summer....and bosses don't want employees getting colds mid week so we choose the best option.

Well Sladden Park had a super low tide and the Hutt River was suitably low in patches and I think we all know where the channel is now after the revised 3 lap 7.5 km course we paddled on today.
Yes there was a head breeze and there were heaps of shallow spots out there so don't take you times too seriously, it seemed more like paddling 8 .5 km than 7.5 km.......good training and that's what it's all about....getting out there blowing a few cobwebs out or simply catching up with paddling mates.

Great mix of craft and people on the water and thank you to Paddy and Kathleen, Eric and Debs, Les and also Mike from travelling over and down to get to the event. Sharlene and Debs for taking times and photos and Shane for yelling out heaps of support each lap.......I heard a rumour we may be getting cray fish for spot prizes at the next event :-) :-)....and yes the spot prizes were a bit rushed and there was too much sugar!.......I promise there will be more clothing, and useful paddling equipment at the next event we hold.....and we are purchasing some high viz buoys progressively as well as funds permit.

We were going to hold a down winder on Mar 1.... but we will look to hold this back to the end of April...... and focus on putting more time into 25th anniversary of the "The Motorway Classic" which is on Sunday March 15.

43:31 Chester Burt SS
43:42 Mike Tate SS
44:34 Dave McKnight SS
45:35 Paddy Rimene W1
45:55 Les Morris SS
46:51 Blake Dyer SS
47:04 John Toomath SS
47:11 Neil O'Brien W1
47:23 Colin Crampton SS
47:59 Robert Futter SS
48:13 Rueben Hill SS
50:16 Eric Barber MK
51:21 Iain Gillies SS
52:17 Karl Timu W1
54:51 Susan & Sandy Winterton SK double
55:19 Clark Townsley MK
55:57 Trevor McDonald SK
60:34 Paula Napier W1

Below are a few pics of the start...we'll put more photos on here tomorrow once we've edited through the remaining 100 or so in the meantime here you go....

click on any photo to enlarge

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