Friday, February 20, 2015

Connecting people with paddling

We had the regular Paddling Connections gig on Thursday and Sharlene and myself broke out on the Stand up paddle boards for the first time in ages.

Though the wind was up around 30 kmh and gusting to 50 kmh the shelter offered inside Greta Point made life easy for us....and the down wind swells from Greta Point were coming through at a nice angle making a good challenge out running one of the local multisport kayakers. Trevor McDonald and Murray Fowke were out doing the hard yards in the sea kayaks and I guess everyone else might have had there fill of kayaking for the week and enjoyed a break or were busy out on the Petone and Porirua waterways.

Today I watched Chris Fox coach some new paddlers in a W6 Waka ama (Outrigger Canoe) outside Fergs Kayaks. Chris is one of many tireless workers involved in Waka Ama in the Hoe Tonga region for more info on Waka Ama (the Regional site) and the National site

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