Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Motorway Classic....the Countdown is on

We actually started using the Motorway course as one of our surf ski & waka ama series events that we started back in 2003/2004 Season of summer paddling.

Here's some times from the 2009 event and some photos of one of the events we ran in the 2012 Season out at Petone.

Every few day we'll post photos from events following these one's and also results right up to last years event.

Don't forget "Motorway Classic" Event flyer is on the right hand side of this page you can enter early and choose your personalised number by e-mailing

The Motorway Classic 2009 (13km)

waka ama O.C.1 Men: 

75:55 Rob Taggart 
77:00 Peki Emery  
78:10 Chris Mike 
79:57 Royce Gray  
84:42 Star Olsen 
85:45 Pere Gray 

waka ama O.C.1 Women: 

80:12 Anita Taggart 
80:58 Mereana Mike 
87:58 Kris Dahl 

waka ama O.C.6: 
63:13 Kokiri  
73:30 Hikoikoi 
74:14 Kokiri Chicks 

waka ama O.C.2: 
79:28 Sara Snow/Michelle Warren 

sea kayaks Men: 
86:23 Trevor Mc Donald 

multisport kayaks / surf skis Men:

65:30 Chester Burt SS
66:04 Glenn Muirhead MK 
67:27 Les Morris MK
68:13 Craig Anderson 68:13 SS
70:26 Dave Rudge SS
72:28 Lyall Reedy SS 
72:42 Jeff Booth MK 
73:20 Brent Harrison MK 
74:22 Eric Barber MK
75:42 Dave Ryde SS
75:43 Sandy Winterton MK
75:46 Dave Fisher MK
76:27 Mark White SS 
76:34 John Allen MK
77:09 Kevin O'Connor SS
83:20 Wil Van Breda SS

Multisport kayak woman: 

Dianne Morgan 82:21

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