Friday, January 9, 2015

Kapiti Mana Down wind event

I've now fixed the date for this event it...did have a two day window...but I've fixed it to Saturday January we get away from the Wellington Harbour Swim on the Sunday.

Here's the guts.

It's a North - South Course for optimum downwind...if we get a North Westerly we will likely shift the course for something more suitable elsewhere....we have two alternate options.

For the Kapiti Mana options:

24 km Garden Road, Raumati - Ngati Toa Domain Pascoe Ave Mana start finish points.
12 km Garden Road - Ocean Parade Pukerua Bay and Ngati Toa Domain start finish points.

Start time 9 am.

We'd like to think that we can figure out the forecast and announce the final venues 24 hours before the start......however the weather can flick like a light we will adapt with what we see on the morning of the event...especially looking at conditions 1 km to 2 km offshore.
We will be out at the Coast at 7 am double checking the conditions and we'll post on the Welly Paddlers Facebook page if there are any last minute changes...... this will occur between 7 am and 8 am.

Anyone intending on entering please arrange vehicle shuttle pre event or post event....or bring a driver. We will take your change of clothes in the van to the finish point, but the key part of our job is Managing the courses and looking after the Safety side.

The event is open to surf ski, waka ama, sea kayaks adventure racing doubles and stand up boards.

We expect that anyone who enters will have trained for offshore conditions.....1.6 km is the fartherst point from the shoreline (between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay).... but the full course can be paddled about between 30 and 100 metres from the shoreline.

There will be a tail end motorised boat sweeping the course.

Every paddler who enters must be competent in self rescue and practice remounting/rolling several times prior to he event......and you must be able to do this when you're fresh.... as well as when you are tired.

All craft must have the appropriate safety equipment for your craft:

PFD's to be worn, a cellphone in a waterproof case and attached to your PFD are compulsory..... you will register your cellphone number when you enter and you will lock in 0274 581 005 into your cellphones under..... "AAA event safety number"

All paddlers must wear an item of bright high viz clothing....i.e cap, PFD's or top over the PFD

leg leash's (on all skis and SUP's)........ bailers, sprayskirts, flares, pumps, paddle floats, a marine radio are all equipment that each craft should carry if it's appropriate

The entry fee is $30 per person (enter on the day) and there will be a spot prize giving 20 minutes after the last paddler arrives in.

Ideally we will be running the event in conditions somewhere in the 25 kmh - 45 kmh wind range in a Straight Northerly or Southerly.

We are after a true downwind course..... not a side wind course.

Finally this is not a have a "go event" or "paddlers of all abilities event"'ll need some experience paddling in the conditions we'll encounter on the day...and everyone must read this post if they are entering this event.

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