Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015

Sorry I have been slack online for the last few weeks...but now we're cracking back into it.

We have a big year ahead in 2015.

The first half of of the month of March is going to be extremely busy for us we have a huge "Motorway Classic Event" set for Sunday March for 150 to 200 paddlers of all disciplines kayaks, waka ama, stand ups and surf skis....and why wouldn't this be big it's the 25th anniversary of this event.

In 2015 the paddling scene needs a really professional kick into the 21st Century..... or as some of us would say "a good kick in the slats"'s going to be all about......"Grow Wellington Region"....and draw the other centres to all of our events...because we've all been great travelling to other centres and's now time to do something extraordinary for our paddlers here !

We have a number of World Champions base or past highly World ranked paddlers in Wellington and we have current ICF World Surf ski Champion Sean Rice here to set a best time on the Motorway Course. To date the best kayak time is around 65 mins and the best Waka Ama 6 man time is 59 mins......will Sean Rice beat the W6 time or is there going to be some serious competition from some of the local crack crews.

Here's how it works...we grow our Local economy bringing people to our Region which is turn encourages local people into paddling, we support each others events and in turn clubs and sports grow like they never have before.

Nuts and bolts...."Mates, supporting mates"....taking new people under our wings and encouraging them to get out on the water also educate them water safe practices and techniques.

Of course the Motorway Classic is the peoples event....and you don't have to be paddling your guts out to enter and complete this can also take a leisurely 2 hours to complete the 13 km out and back course....or take on the 6 km and 3 km options on a sit down craft or on a stand up craft or board.

We will have multiple start times and also a bigger registration and event team to manage this one.....more prizes.

Entry fee will be:

$20 per single
$30 double
$60 W6
$10 Juniors/Students

The Motorway Classic....."An event for everyone"

Coming up.....

Jan 24/25 Kapiti Mana Downwind event 24km & 12 km
Jan 31 Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge
Feb 15 Matiu Island Event 8.3 km &  6 km
Mar 15 The Motorway Classic 13 km, 6 km & 3 km
Apr 12 Porirua Grand Traverse multisport event
Apr ? Tai Tonga 41 Marathon
May 3 Crazyman multisport event
Jun ? Matariki "A celebration of Paddling"

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