Sunday, December 21, 2014

Revised downwind course

Well the weather cut a few courses and venues down to size well and truly today...the forecasting is great but sometimes the weather just does what it wants.

No biggy... it's about coming up with the best course possible in the very changeable conditions today.

The short course ran from Ngati Toa Domain to a couple of moored boats 300 metres east of the Mana bridge back out and around the start buoy at Ngati Toa then staright down to the finish/turn buoy by the jetty at Whitireia Polytechnic. The long course simply headed up and around the Northern most mooring pole past Te Onepoto Bay then back to Whitireia.

Great see the regulars there and some new and old faces as well as SUP's taking up the challenge in the wind and everyone doing extremely well in not ideal conditions for SUP's, but a challenge some love to thrive on.

Thank you again everyone...we'll aim for some great wind angles for Jan 24/25 for the big Coastal Downwinder......and we will stick to having a short course option and one that the keen SUP paddlers will thrive on.

Again our aim is to have straight down winds rather than side - winders today wasn't quite straight but there were options to improve angles by using the shelter and taking a more indirect route to get a better ride...which can mean a quicker time ! 

Short course: 5.75km

31:43 Dave McKnight SS
33:04 Blake Dyer SS
33:45 Robert Futter SS
34:24 Karl Timu W1
34:45 John Toomath SS
34:50 James Sadler W1
34:51 Graham Daniel SS
34:58 Rueben Hill SS
39:18 Hans Wannemacher SUP
39:19 Ned Hemepo SUP
39:28 Raewyn Anderson W1.
40:12 Sharon Henderson SS
46:01 Lei Faletolu W1
46:15 Sharlene Winiata SS
48:50 Alex Dean SUP

Long Course: 11.5 km

1:04:36 Dave McKnight SS

1:07:16 Blake Dyer SS
1:09:32 Karl Timu W1
1:09:51 Rueben Hill SS
1:09:52 John Toomath
1:10:29 Graham Daniel SS
1:10:52 James Sadler. W1
1:21:52 Hans Wannemacher SUP

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