Thursday, December 18, 2014

Downwinder THREE weather updated Thursday 10.30 pm

At this stage the winds look like they'll be in the vicinity of NNW 25 kmh gusting to 45 kmh.

The latest as at Thursday 10.30 pm...... NNW 25 kmh gusting 35 kmh

On Wind Finder they are predicting a Southerly change on Sunday.

We'll sit back and watch this one closely....there could be a course and venue change's Christmas, some are working more than they are paddling so we won't be busting anyone's boiler if we can help it....there's Ham and Christmas Pudding to be fit 7 days time!

I'll update the weather tomorrow and again on Saturday morning at 9 am when I'll announce the final course and start/finish venue/s

Over and Out for now....

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