Tuesday, November 25, 2014

World Famous Paddling Merchandise

You're probably going what ever....well our/your your tee's and hooded tops that celebrate that we paddle in Wellington and everywhere we can,,,..are in fact...not only do we see them around the Greater Wellington Region....but also in these Countries around the World:
Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden,Wales and the Antartic..... just to name a few off the top of the head.

We are now taking orders for our last run of tops before "Christmas"........which is now only 1 month away.

All our clothing is from from the ascolour range....and you can view the item, styles and colours online www.ascolour.co.nz.......remember order through us.... as we have them printed through our people in Christchurch....(who used to be based in Wellington)

Remember you can:

choose any style of clothing in any colour you like
choose any colour of "Welly paddlers" to go on that top.

the only limit is the printer ask for no more than 3 to 4 logo colours per batch order.......as it gets quick confusing for them.

Here's a few pic's of the clothing we have ordered in the past.

Final orders must be received by midday Friday November 28......12 midday.

Clothing proving to be the most popular:

"paper" tee mens (light thread count)
"wafer" tee ladies (light thread count)
"stencil" Hood unisex (heavy thread count)
"vector" Hood unisex (light thread count)

All tees $30 printed
Hood tops between $45 and $60 printed

click on any photo to enlarge 

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