Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lets get busy

November..... the extremely windy month is 3/4's through and December and the really warm weather will start to kick in for good real soon.

What's coming up:

Every Tuesday Wellington's regular Twlight Kayak Gig continue right through to Dec 9....then a break Christmas New Year recess.

Every Thursday right through to Dec 18 "Paddling Connections"...will continue to rock on.....start time from 5.30 pm.

This weekend Mana SUP club have a flat water event course option, 3-4 km short course then 8-10 km long course option click here for more details

Welly Paddlers next downwind event is Sunday December 21 and we'll be running a course from Ngatitoa Domain through to's number THREE of three downwind events.....

.....leading up to the Kapiti/Mana Downwinder on Jan 24/25 (it runs either North - South or South North)...from Ngatitoa Domain through to Raumati South and covers a distance of 24km

For the Three initial downwinders the entry fees are $10 person......with the Kapiti/Mana Downwinder costing $50 per head to enter.

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