Monday, November 10, 2014

Down wind TWO this Sunday

Back in our patch this weekend we're ready for Downwinder TWO.... which all going to plan..... will run from Raumati South to Pukerua Bay covering a distance of 16 km.

This course is reversible, if a southerly comes in..... but so far we are looking at a North Westerly with a wind speed some where around 30 kmh.

The start will be from Garden Parade which leads in from Raumati South Road off State Highway 1......the finish is at the red marker post in Pukerua Bay (opposite number 10 Ocean Parade)

Start time is 9am.

Entry fee: $10 per person

Please arrange shuttles between yourselves either before the start....or after the finish

The furthermost point you'll be offshore if a straight line is taken is 2 km....though this doesn't stop paddlers from tracking an arch of about 50 to 100 metres offshore to keep a level of comfort or contact near the shoreline if this helps your confidence

This event is an open water event so we require the following:

  • any one enters must check their craft well prior to the event, check rudder and foot pedal cables and replace if suspect....if you don't have the skills to do this visit Fergs Kayaks or Capital Kayaks or another skilled person to undertake open water event is not the time to have breakages.
  • entrants must take personal responsibility for their own skill building and training prior to the event.
  • everyone must have practiced rolling if in a kayak and self rescue techniques for other craft and carry appropriate safety equipment like a cellphone (compulsory) bailer, pump, flare marine radio, inflatable dive sock or anything that may provide greater visibility offshore 
  • Leg leashes on ocean racing surf skis
  • A fluoro colured top is highly recommended to provide optimum visibility while paddling offshore
  • All paddlers must wear their PFD's
  • Cellphones must be carried in a waterproof case or clear bag.....enter the race number in your contacts as "AAA Welly Paddlers"...022 6455 820

  • The event is open to surf skis, waka ama and adventure racing doubles.

The entry fee is $10 per person.

There will be updates every two days... where we'll be track the wind and water conditions.....if the conditions don't give us the straight positive wind swells that we'd like paddlers to enjoy...we will change the course.
A final course will be decided by 9am on Saturday...24 hours before the start.

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