Friday, October 3, 2014

Surf skis a go for grade 1+ river event next weekend

The skis have easily been converted over to flip rudders for next weekends Ruamahanga River Race.

The event has a 31km option and a 19km option...and an extra twist there is a 50 metre portage at the 12km mark and a short 20 metre portage to cross the finish line.

The first 12 km has all the quicker technical water on it with the following 19km after the portage fairly straight forward apart from a big dogleg in the river with 9 km to go where if you miss the slot you'll spin you boat around the wrong way if you don't attack the eddy and change of water at that point.

I'm heading on the 1.5 hour drive to the Wairarapa for a practice run on Tuesday or Wednesday with Les Morris.who lives over there...I'd say he's been secret traing on this stretch and knows every corner like the back of his hand by now.

Tomorrow I hope to head up the Hutt River and give the flip rudder a good solid test run on the Uno Max....I love the skis handling and leaning ability and I doubt very much that I'll need to use the rudder two often.

Here's a few photos of a couple of the Think Kayak National demo fleet skis with flip rudder's on them. I'm looking forward to the paddle tomorrow I'm sure I'll see a few surf skis, kayaks, waka ama and SUP's out at Petone.

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