Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Huge congrats Pete Sutton

Final event for the 2014 "Cold Kiwi Series 2014" shall we do something different when it come to prizes....We'll make it one step easier to buy a surf ski by putting most of the entry fee and a top up towards $1000 off a Think Kayak surf ski....this can sometimes be enough to get people across that financial line. 

We of course had to back this up with a few other prizes as well.

It's a one off and next year well go for 2 x vouchers for a top of the line waka ama or SUP paddle or a kayak paddle..... choice of which sport....and of course some other prizes.

All our events are self funding we don't go hunting for prizes... but always grateful if any one comes to the party like SWAZI did this year with 5 micro thermal tops. Huge thanks to Davey Hughes for coming forward with the tops...the paddlers really love them....and many are now SWAZI converts.

Here Pete Sutton is surprised....but beaming that he won this voucher.....he doesn't have to buy a Think Kayak surf ski.....he can sell or give the voucher to someone who does want one though. 

Congratulations Pete.

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