Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 Days to go.....

The Weather is tracking along nicely for Sunday's Cold Kiwi Event THREE.

One Forecast says Rain clearing......Northerlies dying away and the other says a 20 kmh - 40 kmh southerly. Both sites are pretty much on the button this weather pattern can swing either way.

What we see occurring is that the winds will be moderate..... if not dropping off altogether, or just light winds.

I have checked out our Oiginal first option venue....Freyberg Beach..........and this is a no go. Due to parking restrictions and metered parking at the Freyberg Carpark tickets will likely be issued......this can leave a sour taste in our mouths :-(

Onwards and upwards EVANS BAY provides the best Shelter in Wellington !

Moderate Southerly Option

Carpark off Evans Bay Parade, right by Cobham drive........aim for the swinging carrot.

Northerly or light southerly Option

Hataitai Beach Cog Park

Both options have toilet facilities on site......and because we're tidy Kiwis we'll pick up our own rubbish and respect the grounds and areas we use and watch out for other users in these areas.

You won't miss us we'll have the Blue Gazebo and the White Van....which has heaps of new stickers on it......which my workmates are giving me gip about :-)

Thanks SWAZI for being our sponsor and Thanks Welly Paddlers Team (Shoreline Event Team and Paddlers) for attending Sundays event.

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