Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Sponsored Paddlers

In April 2014 to claw Fergs Kataks out of a lull in sales, we offered two Welly Paddlers sponsorships to encourage people to purchase a surf ski. An idea that some thought may have been unusual but it worked.

We offered two $1000 sponsorships to paddlers that fitted our criteria so here they are:

Male offered to Jamie Saunders, Jamie is in his 20's and is well involved with the Petone Rowing Club he loves a bit of cross training, and has taken to multsiport well, coming 2nd in the Porirua Grand
Traverse and 4th in the Crazyman, both in the Open Mens sections. I choose Jamie as he has determination by the bucket load and was open to paddling a surf ski over the more popular Wellington choice of a multisport kayak.......Jamie bought a Think Ion performance. he's doing very well on that ski and is only going to get better as time goes by.

Female offered to Heather Kirkham.
Heather is a Manager at Contact Energy and is a member of a couple of kayak clubs in Wellington, I chose her because she's very open to trying something new, is a keen adventure racer and kayaker and best of all great with a wide range of people and an awesome communicator with plenty of spark........why wouldn't you put this Lady on a surf ski.

And what do we get out of it? Both Jamie and Heather carry Welly Paddlers livery on their skis for 12 months, participate in 3 of the 5 Cold Kiwi Series events the Foxton Loop Race and also the Ruamahanga River Race........and keep the skis for 12 months.

Even though we have people who we've offered deals on a couple skis don't forget that as paddlers you're all important to us.........whether you are on a waka ama, stand up paddle board, kayak adventure racing double or surf ski and especially if you are respectful of you fellow paddlers on the water if you fit that bill your good with us.
If I see anything ridiculous occurring expect me to put my oar in occasionally............because at the end of the day I'm after the very best for the Paddlers around the Wellington Region.....some times Event Organisers don't look at all the paddlers needs......we have to look after the majority........not the minority (numbers wise) that's how you grow sports, in my books.

We're away for a few weeks so the posts will be from other places. We'll see you the day after we come back for Cold Kiwi Series Event TWO on July 13. Big Thanks to Davey Hughes at Swazi for sponsoring a nice cozy top for each event. Clark Townsley now has his, he wears it everywhere! See us on July 13 also rugged up with our Swazi Beanies! won't see me in mine it's bush camo......but you won't miss Sharlene she'll be looking like a road cone..........ouuch.......but a gorgeous road cone though aye....and hey, New Zealand made too it!  

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