Saturday, April 26, 2014

A great day out with Tai Tonga 41

A regular and popular event on the (Wellington) calendar. There are around 7 events over 6 hours to share the W6's around. The event is always open to kayaks, surf skis and stand up paddle boarders. 

The distances this year were 14.75km and my topo map..........though the techo peps will have the accurate stats. 

Sharlene did the 8.25 km course, the only woman on a surf ski. 

I did the 13.13 km course at 9.30am..........then the 8 km course at 11.15am. Sharlene was awesome on the ski with just one or two paddles a week over the last 2 months since buying the ski. Sharlene says....... thanks to my sponsors....... "Fergs Kayaks" and "Welly Paddlers"

I think I cut the 13.13 km (thanks Karl Timu for your technology) out in 1 hour 10 mins or thereabouts which was fairly respectable.......enjoyed some motorboat wake, as did others up front if they put the effort in.

A good hit out for the  next weekend and the Portage Race on May 17.

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The last three photos were taken by: 
Ngaz N Harmony Wright.... for more great images go to Tai Tonga 41 Outrigger Canoe Club on Facebook.

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