Sunday, March 9, 2014

Exceptional weather

A great patch of weather at the moment..........see summer is still about, those very cold southerlies over the last week were just a blip. The forecast is for fine sunny weather and either light or moderate Northerlies right up till Thursday, fantastic for our training camp!

Sharlene is as happy as a sand girl at the moment she's been managing to get out on her SUP 2 or 3 times in a week, I'm just doing my regular thing and getting out every second day and maybe some days two days off a week due to other work commitments.

The Twilight Kayaking Racing that the Kupe Canoe Club organises right through to the end of Daylight Savings continues again this Tuesday, sadly this week will be my last for this half of the year as I'm working night shifts for a few weeks.
Hey our good mate Dave McKnight has a new ski, he picked up his second hand purchase of a Think Ion elite earlier in the week.......Dave loves the Ion that much he's also keeping his Ion performance.

So people while the weathers as good as it is, take this opportunity to take your partner, wife or younger members of your Family out on the water. Use that spare ski, kayak or SUP.........or alternately give a mate a call and get out together or arrange a group of you to go out.

If you don't have any spare water craft, head to somewhere like Fergs
Kayaks who hire everything or if you're out Porirua/Mana way pop into Ocean Outfitters who hire SUP's.

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