Friday, February 7, 2014

Welly surf ski event THREE tomorrow

The venue for tomorrows event will be Ngatitoa Domain Mana.

We will be there just after 8 am and the event starts at 9am.

The forecast is for a 15 to 20kmh Northerly in the morning changing to a southerly of similar wind speeds at around midday.

Low tide will be at 10.23am

The course will be set tomorrow morning once we see what the swell and wind are doing so we can set a positive course with the conditions that we'll encounter during the time we're on the water. We could be looking at a course Ngatitoa to Karehana Bay around the inner reef then back to Ngatitoa a distance of around 7 kms.

The Waka Ama event Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge will also be based at Ngatitoa at the Marina end of the chanel so we'll keep clear of their space and park about 20 metres clear to give them space.
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Annabel Anderson is supposed to be conducting some SUP coaching in the afternoon in Mana click the link here there will be a variety of craft in this area over the weekend, which can only be a good thing to promote all our watersports activities.

Come along and meet Leon tomorrow....... here's some picks from our paddle from Scorching Bay and around Barrett Reef the other day........ enjoying the Seatoun Bays and Wellington Harbour entrance.

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