Friday, February 28, 2014

Final update for tomorrows event

As at this morning we have a couple of slightly conflicting forecasts as far as the wind goes.

Putting them both together it will be fine with some showers Southerly winds between 25 kmh and 45 kmh. We'll have our gazebo there to create some shelter before we get on the water.

We will be basing our course at Scorching Bay where there's a nice sandy beach and grassy area and plenty of parking and also a Cafe very close by for good measure, if you'd like a coffee before and coffee and food after.

The course/s we have in mind there are two options:

One is Scorching Bay to Worser Bay and back which is 3.6km we'll do 2 laps which is 7.2 km in total.

The second option is Scorching Bay and under the Seatoun Wharf and back which is 4.6 km we could do 2 laps of that which is 9.2 km in total or do one of each of the options mentioned which will be 8.2 km in total.

We will make a decision tomorrow looking at the water conditions and look at what's best for those who turn up.

The Race day number is 027 4581 005.


Chester and Sharlene

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