Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welly event TWO

I've just been out on the water today to check out the fixed buoys/turning points are all in place over  a selection of courses for Saturday. At this stage the wind looks like it will be either a light southerly or light northerly.

Hataitai Beach looks the likely starting point and with this it'll be a 9 km leg around Point Halswell to Mahanga Bay to the Niwa mussel farm and back, it will be a mixture of upwind and downwind obviously.
Here's a picture of the turning point at Mahanga Bay, where we'll be heading anti clockwise around the 3 pontoons.

Today's paddle was my first in 6 days, house painting is my current chore while on leave, and after being on the water, I think I'll enjoy painting more if I went day keep me motivated for painting that is!

Here's a photo of the latest decals on my ski....thanks to Dave McKnight for contacting our mates at Deep Cove Outdoors in Vancouver. TNR+ is the Tuesday Night Racing series in Vancouver which caters for surf skis (The home of Think Kayaks) kayaks and SUP's.

The last photo taken at Shelly Bay............whoops I would have fitted
this chair when I was 4 years old.

I'll give a final report on the course and venue tomorrow at 9 am.
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