Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Update on Saturdays event

Getting back to our roots of running events for surf skis again, after we first starting running them in Wellington 10 years ago......sees us turn full circle this Saturday.

We will be meeting at the Giant Oars on the Petone Foreshore for a 9 am start as us keen surf ski paddlers turn up early so we'll be starting on time.

Early indications in show the forecast is set to deliver a 25kmh to 30kmh
Northerly and a fine sunny day.......but being Wellington and 3 days out the wind speed may just be a bit spicier.

As far as the tides go this is a very important part of heading around the island, on Saturday we have a low tide at 9.09am which means that the slight shortcut around the back of the island through a narrow high slither of rocky outcrop is a no go zone.......go around it
and you'll be without a rudder for the homeward leg!

The distance is 8.4km and in the past when we've run this course our records show Leon Rossbotham from Hong Kong tore around the island in 2009 in a smidge over 42 minutes, most people should complete the journey in around 45 to 60 minutes.

The event is not just for the speedsters some of our keenest paddlers will just get out and set there own pace and maybe set a time close to
or better than their previous outings around this course.

I'll post an update on Friday morning at 9 am with the latest wind forecast.

Surf skis Unite!.......see you on Saturday.

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