Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SUP'n and Rubber Ducky 5

I took Sharlene out for a SUP paddle on Sunday, her first paddle in about a month after her body got a bit banged up a few weeks back with the 120 kmh wind gusts through the CBD.
She was coming out of Chews Lane and was caught by a wind gust which smoked through turning her into a human sail........she said she managed to grab hold of a cafe window frame on the way past and said a good Samaritan was playing backstop/catcher just in case she fell. After many trips to her Chiropractor, Lorraine Phillips she is slowing coming right again......anyhow we had a good session along Cobham
Drive in the shelter of the Southerly.

Tonight I made it along to Rubber Ducky 5, which is run by the Mana Kayak Racing Club. Each week there's a few people that make it along after an absence of a week or two, it seems we all alternate around out work schedules and we see some new and old faces
turning up.

Tonight it was a breezy Northerly, a lot calmer than the past 5 days though, the course was 5 laps around the short course that turns just before the Evans Bay slipway. An extra lap shorter or longer and I
lost count of when I should finish..........it's the old story if in doubt turn around and see what everyone else is doing.................keep on paddling one more lap to go!

To see who turned up tonight check out these websites over the next few days http://manakayakracing.wordpress.com/ and http://kupe.org.nz/

Photos: Sharlene near Burnham Wharf, a few quick photos from tonight from handicap groups two and three and "The United Colours of Think Kayak"
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