Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wot sup tonight

Welly weather at it's best................niiiice. An easy 20 kmh Northerly gusting to 30 kmh early on but settling right down to about 15 kmh even at around 7 pm.

We had a late start tonight even I was late getting there at 5.40 pm and most people out on the water at 6 pm and then some more at 6.15pm. Tonight Sharlene was there first phoning me at 5.20pm saying where are you? I was next then Tio, Mick, Gillian, Q and Rick just the seven of us but then again it is Christmas and there is so much else on at  the moment...............but hey good to see people are getting out at 6 am in the morning and also people doing the sup thing out at Petone, Eastbourne, Mana. Paraparaumu and also Foxton Beach.

Mick came to his first set tonight, he found out what we were doing through Butch from reading the Wind Warrior website. Mick comes from out Paekakariki way and was on his red paddle inflatable tonight just showing everyone that you don't have to have a flash racing board to paddle the sets..................remember surf sups are welcome we had 2 young ladies on them 2 weeks ago................that's what sold Sharlene on getting a Kailoa Pipes paddle!

Anyhow time flys when you're having fun and the last of the group finally made it off the water at 8.15 pm.

I had a delivery today, picked up a Kailoa Methane paddle which I found through searching on the interweb :-). I found the New Zealand agent for Kialoa paddles then went through Ocean Outfitters at Mana for the purchase. Big thanks to Chris and Kate for sorting all the details out for me and providing me with some parts to extend the length of the paddle also. The standard length was just 218 cm and I'm use to a big arse long sucker at 230 after paddling the shorter length, to try out the changed length, I found that the leopard was too old to change his spots and I went for the supersize version so I can stand back up like a meerkat again.

Like I said I'm not favouring any particular SUP retailer and we've both spent money at each of the local retail shops in the last few can't be fairler than that..............check them all out.

Fergs Kayaks - Ocean Outfitters - Wild Winds - Wind Warrior view their website links on the left of page.

The last of the SETS is next Thursday so get your butts out there to show the love...............if you don't we won't bother running any down winders next year......... jokes.............cause we will we're suckers for doing stuff like this............... Q is exempt because he's going to be a Dad very shortly.

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