Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The very last of the sup SETS

Yep that's the one Thursday December 20 we will finish the last of our 5 sup SETS for the year..........which were designed to bring SUP people together.

We'll go with a more realistic start for the last one 6pm!

So the last one will more than likely be from Hataitai Beach again by the looks, as the forecast looks like it'll be fine with a 15 kmh to a 25 kmh North to North Easterly.

As mentioned on the nice days the traffic runs a lot slower than normal so you'll get caught in it if you don't leave work a little earlier than usual.

Final decsision on venue always made 24 hours before the start time so check back here at 6 pm tomorrow night.

In the New Year we start the "lick and a splash" downwind events they are open to surf skis - W1's and SUP's info on the flyer on the right hand side of this page.
We're not running as many events as we could because we'd like others to run some weekend events for all the sports above and also the Kayakers may wish to run something as well.
February, March and April are busy with other events up and down the Country so we leave these months free pretty much................ until our main event for the year which is "The Motorway Race"  (13km long course and short course 6 km or 4km course for SUP's) which will be on April 14 next year. 

Any queries about events Chester 022 6455 820


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