Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another change in weather

Well tomorrow is looking all fine and dandy for SET 2.

The Forecast has now changed quite quickly............again now we're looking at a 30 kmh to 40 kmh South Easterly.,

We will now start from Freyberg Beach again
High tide is at 6.07 p.m so we will have less beach and plenty of deep water to paddle around the beaches and buoys on the Oriental Parade Reef.

The same as last week escape from work early (if you can) as it will take you longer than normal to get through the traffic.

Be on the water at around 5.30pm to 5.45pm to get in a quick session then off to whatever after that.

Every week it's a free activity and at the last one on Dec 20 we'll have a cafe stop afterwards..............also this doesn't stop anyone from doing the same after each of the regular sets.

It's all about being social and you don't have to have a flatwater or racing SUP, bring your surf SUP in and just paddle around and make the people on the land envious as!
Like everything in life, she or he who has the most toys wins!......... The retailers also like this type of approach from their customers.

Contact Chester for any further info 022 6455 820 or

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