Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are you a SUP Fanatic?

Big Fanatic day out today. Great that Dave is really organised at Wild Winds Kitesurf & SUP and we were able to take both their "green machine" demo boards out this morning from Hataitai Beach.

The "Ray" models have two size options, one 12 foot long x 31.75 inches wide which is supposed to suit paddlers around 70kg and over?......................... and the 11 foot long x 30 inch wide which suits youth and the lighter Ladies.
Sharlene is around 60 kg and though in theory the 11 footer could be the board for her, the decision was made by her that the extra comfort of width is a bonus if the weather turns and chops up while you're out and the extra glide from the longer board works o.k. too.

Heading into the wind she found that there wasn't too much difference between both boards and while the 11 footer turns quite quickly how many times do you do that! turning is all about good paddle work or technique rather than your board being the limiting factor.............. If you don't like the lime green they can also get you a white board with blue/white Union Jack graphics and logos..............just goggle the site to check the options out.

Some photos from today........... Big thanks to Glenn Butcher at Wind Warrior, Kite Sports & SUP Foxton Beach.................I spoke to Glenn on Thursday night the paddle came to me at work Saturday at 7 am................that's what I call service!!
Sharlene has the Kailoa "Pipes" blue monstera paddle it has a 7 and 3/8 inch wide blade and is 76 inches long.

Sharlene is seen here imitating a hard out SUP racer and also showing me what she says are the "John Toomath" moves that he taught her at the SUP SETS..............which are held every Thursday after work.
The other photos show the Fanatic Ray in "lime green"........... the Kialoa paddle with Wind Warrior brand logos.

Big thanks to Dave and Glenn for having the product in stock and it doesn't matter who you are buying SUP gear off it's all about getting what you need and getting out on the water.

Remember we have 3 great SUP retailers in our Region ..........Ocean Outfitters (Mana), Wild Winds (Wgtn City) and Wind Warrior (Foxton Beach) go and check them all out or if you can't view their websites on the left hand side of the page. Click on any photo to enlarge

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