Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Big SUP day out

Big day out on the water today promoting SUP. First up we had a reply back from Capital Times roving reporter Amanda Weatherall who said we'd love to do an article what's this SUP thing all about?..............well not in those exact words but Amanda was keen to get out on the water in work time and conduct an interview while paddling, multitasking at it's best!   Anyhow Amanda was a diamond customer and through my average instruction tecniques she managed to stay on the board no problem at all.
Big thanks to Fergs Kayaks for supplying the board paddle and all the safety equipment.

Next up it was Sharlenes turn, today she was being my model student. I wouldn't say that I had her doing pirouettes or headstands on the board but she is steadily gaining confidence, going with the flow with the wind and small swells providing fewer wobliness than previous outings.

If anyone needs a good reference to how good SUP is go and talk to Wellington Sports Physician Dr Ruth Highet we've previously spotted this unknown lady on her SUP in Evans Bay "with dog on board". After an e-mail from one
 of our SUP gurus Howie Clarke the other day we put 2 and 2 together and realised it was Ruth. By the way our other Wellington Region SUP Guru is of course Glenn Butcher from Foxton.

Anyhow I digress Ruth was out tonight with her trusty female Lab "Pinot" who was so happy to see us out on the water too she wagged her tail every time we paddled close to them.
It was quite a pleasant night to be out on the water and I also spotted Sam Cuneen in the distance on his new Think Eze surf ski that he purchased just the other day.                                                                                                                                                  Sam is from Perth and is making the most of our beautiful Harbour while here doing a tour of Duty at Hutt Hostpital over the next 8 months. His ski is quick and stable and his wife is also able to paddle it no problems at all. The photo of Sam is not exactly a close up, but as you can see though he is happy to be out in the middle of Evans Bay putting his new ski through it's paces.

No one misses out in Wellington, on November 15 newcomers can check out both SUP and surf skis through a demo evening at Frank Kitts Lagoon on the Wellington Waterfront.

Watch out also for a flyer of a SUP leisure/training Pod from November 22............. likely to be held every 2 nd or 3rd Thursday from this date.
Ruth has a 10 ft Fanatic Board, Sharlene was on Starboard 12ft 6 Racing/touring board,  Amanda was on Fergs NSP 11ft hire board and later in the eveing we also saw another guy out on Naish 12ft 6 race board the same as the one Glenn uses.
 Click on any of the photos to enlarge.  

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