Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sharlene on SUP day 1

Sharlene started her training programme for the Foxton Loop Race today. I have some photos of her gracing the Oriental Parade Beaches in Wellington late Sunday afternoon.
We've got a Starboard 12' 6" x 31.5 " Racing touring board from last Seasons Starboard stock. It's as stable as, so perfect for Wellingtons bumpy harbour conditions and Sharlene can build up all the core skills required while on this board without having too think too much about stability.

I know it's only 11 days to go till Foxton, and Butch from Wind Warrior Kitesports, Foxton Beach is setting the SUP courses for the Organisers RWWC, so I'm sure she'll breeze through on the novice course without any problems. Thanks to Fergs Kayaks for the hire of the SUP paddle, while ours is in transit.

I'll be paddling one of the Think kayaks surf skis, more than likely the Uno Max after piecing together a new bigger blade paddle on a crankshaft like my other small bladed version i use on the Think Evo II.

Over the next month or so I'll be converting to my mate Corey Hoggs Napier manufactured blades. Our SUP paddle from him will be here next week, this will be on a carbon Kilwell shaft (Rotorua). My other two paddles have carbon/kevlar balanced crank shafts made in Rotorua by Rochfort Paddles (River Sticks) and I have the Legend Hydra (small) 208 cm and also Legend Fluid (medium) 212 cm both made in Christchurch.

Don't forget Emma and Phillip from SRONZ will be visiting Wellington on Saturday November 3 and are keen to hook up with Welly SUPers, contact them through their website to find out where they'll be.

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