Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Surf ski !!

The value of a demo surf ski proved it's worth yet again. I had the loan of a Carbon Think Uno Max from Fergs Kayaks Auckland recently, the idea was to use it in the NZ Marathon Kayak Champs in Wellington on April 14. I enjoyed paddling the demo so much I decided to head up to Auckland and demo Alan Fergusons 2011 Kevlar Uno Max. The result was that I had to have one, at 12 kg it's going to make portaging, for the above race, a much easier task.

After a big run of Surf ski sales in Wellington in 2011, this year has been a bit limp, at least I'm doing my bit for the economy.
Why have 2 surf skis or 2 kayaks?

Well it's all about horses for courses especially in the Capital.
I now have the Think Evo II for the more savage windy days and the Think Uno Max for the rest of the time.
My balance sucks when it gets rough, so I just choose a boat that works for me with whatever forecast we have for the days paddling, you have to be sensible to a certain degree.
I used to paddle K1's back in the day, but since moving to Wellington I have found a K1 a little impractical most of the time. I hear people say "they are great for improving your balance"............yeah when the conditions are fine and dandy..........go for a paddle on a Think Uno Max or Epic V12 they will also improve your balance or any surf ski on the rough and bumpy days.............there are always more waves than flat water in Harbour Cities like Wellington and Auckland!

The surf ski is just fine for the winter as well, it doesn't get as cold here, as it does in a Northern European winter for example, and like any cooler day, you just dress for the occassion with the right clothing and every day is a sunny day when you wear good clothing.

The addition of the Think Uno Max? suits my paddling style, just like when I was kayaking I always prefered a JKK Kayaks UFO over a Sisson Evolution edge. They are both great kayaks for multisport but you either fit or excell in one type of kayak or surf ski more than you do the other. With Surf skis some people just love an Epic V12 or Epic V10 or Fenn Elite or Fenn Mako 6.
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