Monday, March 28, 2011

Greta Point Twilight Series Finale

Tuesday March 29 will see Sharlene and I running our very last kayak race.................. we're hanging up the stopwatch. Some will say why..........well we've been running them for over 15 years and now is as good a time as any to finish up. So see you at the Kupe Canoe Club for the end of race pizza and fizz (stock standard from most take out menus) and of course a whole bunch of spot prizes to give away. Oh yeah the Twilight race starts at 6.30 pm sharp and well be taking times and photos as well..............entry is free for the last one. The Forecast for tomorrow is: Fine, light winds (Southerly) so it looks like will be finishing off with the Hataitai Beach - Carter Memorial Fountain - Hataitai Beach course. Low tide is at 8.09pm.


  1. Chester and Sharlene,

    To two fantastic people: Thank you for all that you have put into the paddling fraternity. Your generosity is outstanding and has been appreciated by us all. Both the races and the superb photography and organisation will be missed. Enjoy your freedom (yee-ha!) and see you on the water.


  2. Damn sad to hear you are hanging up the stop watch well on behalf of us fireys in rotovegas you guys run a great race series just a shame that I only made one of them look forward to seeing who will carry the baton on good luck with your new adventures chur. Nyj

  3. Cheers Nigel we'll still keep the blog running as it's easy to find races and products etc.
    Joern Scherzer is carrying on the W1 series which ran through Winter and Spring last year and he'll probably extend it further.
    There are others clubs and individuals running events so they'll also jump the slots weve vacated so it'll be business as usual for all the paddlers.
    More time for me out on the water now :-)