Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twilight results February 15

Tonight we had a good old 30km/h South Easterly breezing across the bay so we went for a slightly altered Cobham Drive course with an imaginery buoy by the Meridian light/wind sock scuplture (as the buoy drifted away on us just before the start.)

Next week............. we live in hope of doing the around the fountain course?

Course : Hataitai Beach - boat Te Kotuku by the Coast guard - buoy by Wind sock sculpture- Troy Sreet buoy back to Hataitai beach buoy the same way x 2 laps (5.5 km)

Photos all uploaded - just look on the right hand side of the screen.

28:04 James Flannery - Mako 6
28:07 Chester Burt - Evo II
28:15 Dave Rudge Evo II
28:35 Jerry Sheppard - Evo II
30:23 Sandy Winterton - Maximus
30:31 Nigel Parry - Sharp 6
30:35 Ron Lock - Excalibur
30:59 Iain Gillies - Fenn XT
31:56 Jeff Booth - Evo II
34:27 Martin Crundwell - Eclipse 5.7

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