Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Twilight Race preview

This Tuesday is race 4 of 12 in the second block of races of the Greta Point Twilight Series.
Usual start time is 6.30 pm and we have a 6.20 start time for those who would just like to be purely recreational and cruise off ahead of the main start group.

Entry fee $5 with all race funds going into the last race food and drinks and an increased prize pool which is likely to include icebreaker products and hopefully a Mocke summer weight buoyancy vest.

The forecast is for fine weather with Northerlies strengthening.
The latest prediction (Tuesday 9.30 am) is that we'll get a Northerly of 35 km/h gusting to 48 km/h.

Tuesday we have a high tide at 4.32 pm.

The course will be the same as we've had for the last two weeks, which is: around buoy left of Soi Restaurant - around Lionheart boat - around start finish buoy on the point at Hataitai Beach x 5 laps..................or if the wind is favourable the Northern buoy will be near the tip of Greta Point and we'll turn around the boat Te Kotuku by the Coastguard building, the start finish buoy will remain in the same place.

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