Sunday, January 16, 2011

Race 6 cancelled

Well a bit of fickle weather of the last 6 weeks and today was "One of those days".

I don't take cancelling races too ligthly, it's usually after much deliberation, checking the forecast over a 6 hour period as well as physically being down on the water an hour before each race starts to see if we can turn a "sows ear into a silk purse" as far as getting some good conditions to paddle in.

At 8.45am this morning checking that we had a 56km/h North Westerly looked fine.............. but the fact that we had gale force gusts of 107km/h was not............Never mind there's always next time and I'm sure those who were keen to get out on the water did so today at their own pace and on suitable stretches of water that met their skill levels.

See you on Tuesday the forecast looks much better!

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